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Aimbuc ERP systems: Managing and integrating business processes, lowering management and operational costs.

What is ERP?


As businesses operate, each has a mission and vision to which it tries to accomplish through a service, product or a solution. To achieve this, it sets ups distinct section and departments that play various roles to ensure success of business objectives. These sections include accounts, procurement, marketing, sales, as well as other distinct departments strategically designed to work together to achieve a common goal. How these sections and department integrate determines success of the operations and ultimately the business. Enterprise resource planning (ERP), this is simply the bringing together of these distinct business departments and sections into a software that helps in the efficiency running of business operations. Complete ERP software’s integrate all process and units needed to run the business by enabling the flow of data between units, eliminating data errors and providing insights that aid in organization planning and understanding overall organization’s performance.

 As technology advances rapidly across business industries, ERP systems are proving more than effective in improving organization revenue generation. Through the automation of   business processes that involve time consuming manual work, ERP automates and ties all departments, centralizing business operations leading to improved efficiency and reduction of operational costs.  ERP systems establishes order to chaos by seemly integrating the human element of the operational model and the business processes.

ERP system solutions is not a single software, but a range of solutions  that are designed to respond to the various  business needs  ,include , sales ,Marketing ,Procurement, Safety, Customer relationship management etc.

Our range ERP products

Advanced information management and business consultancy ltd, provides a range of ERP solutions that integrates seamlessly with the human element of the operating model aiding organization in responding to the various operational challenges, Improving efficiency, reducing costs .We provide ERP Systems that provide transparency to your business by tracking all process of management giving you a streamlined control of your organization. click here to learn more .