Improving quality of life through customized strategies


Our vision and commitment is to improving the quality of life through the provision of quality services that respond to specific needs.

Advanced Information Management and Business Consultancy ltd, we are a consultancy Service Company of young energetic professionals consulting on information management technologies and organization development strategies.

We believe that managing information effectively is the key to understanding these needs and designing quality solutions that respond to them. That is why we specialize in providing methods, systems, and tools for efficient information management and streamlining organizational processes. And through the constant study of social, economic and cultural values, help clients in designing, implementing and managing project initiatives that create positive change in their communities. 

Our vision

To transform quality of life through the provision of client tailored solutions in designing, implementing and managing of project initiatives that bring impactful solutions to the community

Our Mission

To be a partner a client trusts their vision and objectives to meet in; Identifying, Planning ,Implementing and Managing projects across business industries.


Our Values

Do others as you would want them do you’ We trade with an approach that -us is  you. What would hurt you as business would hurt us too.  

We believe Transparency is a catalyst to building bonds, our goal is to build those that last  forever. 

We are existing to ensure client’s vision and mission are met. Nothing other than that.

Efficient and not compromising on quality. That’s what we stand for.

There is so much to learn from everybody 

At Advanced Information Management & Business consultancy, our commitment is to drive meaningful improvement in quality of life. By harnessing the potential of Data through derivation of actionable insights and effective information management, we help identify challenges and design specific solutions that have a transformative impact on organizations and communities.

Benson Judge

Aimbuc Managing director /Partner

Our commitment to sustainable practice

Within our commitment to the transformation of life, we wholeheartedly acknowledge the vital importance of sustainable business practices. We recognize that our actions today directly impact the well-being of future generations and the health of our planet. 

To support efforts of a sustainable environment,  we are dedicated to integrating sustainability into every aspect of our operations. We prioritize ethical sourcing, fair trade, and the well-being of our teams, partners, and communities. By embracing sustainable business principles, we aim to create a positive impact on society while ensuring the long-term viability and success of our organization

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Benson Judge

Managing director

Grace Mbulo

B.D & Finance Manager




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